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100% Magnesium Chloride Harvested
From The Dead Sea

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Why Use Safe Melt

SafeMelt is composed of 100% magnesium chloride that is harvested from the Dead Sea by the natural evaporation of sea water and a simple refinement process. SafeMelt is significantly safer to use and kinder to our environment than most common products. This formula goes to work fast to melt ice on driveways, sidewalks, patios, roadways and more. Moreover, it works at temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Won’t burn pets’ paws and uses small, pelleted balls instead of jagged crystals to prevent irritation.

  • Safe for pets
  • Fast Acting Formula
  • 15 Poinds Bucket

How Safe Melt Works

The Dead Sea Difference

Unique Natural Resource

Safemelt is created at a Dead Sea facility in Israel, a remarkable natural resource, situated at the lowest point on the planet (1,388 feet below sea level), in a region of unspoiled beauty and splendor. Here, solar energy helps us responsibly extract minerals from the biggest solar evaporation pond array in the world.

The waters of the Dead Sea are unique, having a total salt concentration that is 10 times higher than ocean water, reaching (30% versus 3%). This extraordinary chemical composition makes the waters therapeutic and a popular choice for vacationers seeking relaxation. The concentration of magnesium chloride in the southern portion of the Dead Sea is about 20% – providing a rejuvenating experience to people around the world.

Safemelt is extracted from the Dead Sea by the natural evaporation of seawater and a simple refinement process, making it your naturally safer choice for total ice melt and dust control. Children and pets love to play in the snow. Ensuring their safety at home and work is of paramount importance. Love your pets? You’ll love Safemelt!

Safe Melt Product

  • Starts Working
  • Melts More Ice At
    Lower Temperatures
  • Leaves
    No Residue
  • Is Less Damaging
    To Concrete
  • Is Safer
    To Use

Safer Alternative

  • Starts Working Immediately
  • Melts More Ice At Lower Temperatures
  • Less Toxic than other common ice melters
  • People and Pet Friendly
  • 100% Pure


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